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  Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE

  Digital Library Projects at Columbia

  The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World(ORBIS)

¡@ Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
ECAI is a collaborative project which combines global mapping, imagery, and texts. ECAI provides scholars and other users with a research resource based on digital technology which presents complex combinations of data from multiple disciplines visually and immediately.
¡@ Great Britain Historical GIS Project
The project creates a major GIS that will contain the changing boundaries of all the major administrative and statistical reporting areas of Great Britain.
¡@ Vision of Britain
The website demonstrates a vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001, through maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.
¡@ HGIS Germany
The website contains thematic maps and multimedia texts to provide the historical and geographical information about Germany.
¡@ Belgian historical GIS
The interactive geographic information system for historical statistics in Belgium, 1800-1963/2003.
¡@ Northbridge History Project
The project's brief is to capture the history of Northbridge. Oral histories, photographs, documents, film and other sources were gathered and stored electronically, and these electronic sources are available in this website.
¡@ Historical Atlas of South India
The historical digital atlas combined maps, photographs, illustrations, texts and GIS functionalities to provide a novel and dynamic way of presenting historical knowledge related to a geographical region. The prototype in 2005 can be available either from a CD-Rom or on the internet.
Mapping Europe's Historic Boundaries and Borders
Our concern is with mapping the changing boundaries of administrative units, from parishes and communes up to nations and empires, as a framework for studying the European past.
¡@ Qing Demographic History: Lower Yangzi Valley
¡@ Reconstructing the age-patterns of marriages, births, and deaths in Qing-dynasty China has depended in the past primarily on genealogies.
Professor Mark Elvin and his colleagues present a study of the lower Yangzi valley that demonstrates in action the technical methods needed to use a different sort of information for this purpose: the biographies of virtuous women in local gazetteers. The reader is invited to download the data files containing more than twenty thousand cases, to use or adapt executable PERL programs, and to examine, improve on, or refute the reconstruction based on the consistent interlocking four main types of data and probabilistic computer models.
UKBORDERS On-Line Digital Boundary Data (Edinburgh Univ.)
It is a web-based Interface that provides digitised boundary datasets of the UK, available in many GIS formats.
FGDC(The Federal Geographic Data committee)
The Federal Geographic Data Committee coordinates the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).
Geography Earth Week
A weekly summary of important natural and manmade events in the environment worldwide.(Archive summaries available.) archives of 95-97 are on earthweek.com.
Earth and Moon Viewer
A Web site where you can view the Earth in many different ways, including by latitude and longitude, above various cities, etc.
A Web site with a lot of information about geography, including many maps, news, and a glossary of terms. It also includes many links to other sites.
GEOnet Names-National Imagery and Mapping Agency(NIMA)
The GEOnet Names Server(GNS) provides access to the National Imagery and Mapping Agency's(NIMA) database of foreign geographic feature names.
Oceanogrphy from the Space Shuttle
¡@ This is a photographic survey of oceanic phenomenon visible to the naked eye acquired by NASA astronauts. Included are sets of internal waves, pollution at sea, and coatal phenomena.
¡@ Monies, Markets, Finance, China, East Asia, 1600-1900
¡@ This project concentrates on the copper-based monies of Qing China, Tokugawa Japan, and late Choseon Korea. Based on case studies, topics about coin production will be highlighted in the spatial dimensions and interdependencies.
¡@ The Spatial History Project at Stanford University
¡@ The Project is a place for a collaborative community of scholars to engage in creative visual analysis to further research in the field of history.
The Project of Legalizing Space in China
The project basically consists of a translation of the Ming and Qing luli, through the layout of the Chinese legislation and maps representing the administrative boundaries of the Ming and Qing empire, shows the place and roles of the texts.
Maps Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
An extensive collection of online maps of regions around the world; files are usually large and can be slow to download, but maps are excellent.
G. William Skinner Map Collection
The maps created by Professor Skinner have a great variety of themes, from the HRS classification itself, to such demographic and economic variables as the sex ratio, fertility, and agricultural wages. This collection includes original maps from 19th century Japanese villages and French departments, as well as detailed topographic maps used by the Japanese military in their invasion of China.
Reference CIA World Factbook 2001
Provides detailed information about specific countries, such as geography, population, land use, natural resources,etc.
OpenGIS Consortiun
OpenGIS Specifications
Click for for access to approved OpenGIS Abstract and Implementation Specifications
D. ISO TC211
Geomorphology from Space:A Global Overview of Regional Landforms
A good resource for teachers. This out of print book is available online and on CD-ROM; order CD from Goddard DAAC for free:daacuso@daac.gsfc.nasa.gov
Goddard Institute for Sapce Studies
GISS is a NASA facility that primarily studies global change. This site has extremely technical data on surface temperatures, vegetation, human population density, wetlands, ect.
Library of Congress Country Studies
This site includes descriptions of 85 countries. Each study is written by a multidiscplinary team of social scientists and includes sections on history, geography, economy, society, and others.
World¡VHistorical Dataverse
The World-Historical Dataverse Project is the University of Pittsburgh affiliate of a wider project to address the need for comprehensive historical data on the human experience at the global level. This project is intended to the contribute to creation of a comprehensive set of data on social-scientific, health, and environmental data for the world as a whole and for its constituent regions and localities, for the past four or five centuries.
Mad Scientist Network
This is a fun, yet informative site where students can ask scientists questions. Already asked questions are available for viewing.
Historical Photographs of China
The project seeks to locate, and digitize for preservation and dissemination, photographs of modern China held in private hands in the United Kingdom. Images from private and public collections are available on this website.
NIHU Contemporary Chinese Studies
The program networks nine joint research centers in Japan. Their research fields include Politics, Economy, Diplomacy, History, Security, Environmental studies, etc. ¡§Interdisciplinary Research of Contemporary China: Understanding the Emerging Giant¡¨ is the common theme for joint research among all network centers.
The Quantitative History of Modern China, ca. 960-1949
The project is set up to collect data for the compilation of a Chinese historical statistics between ca. 960 AD and 1949 (i.e. between the Song dynasty and Republican China). The main objective is to fill in the gap in the quantification of the economy of China and to analyze its long-term evolution in this period.
Catalogs Map Appeal:Earth & Sky Portraits
This catalog contains large satellite image prints of the Earth and of specific regions. It also includes antique maps,overhead transparencies of landforms, and more.call 1-800-363-0938.

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