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In response of the demands of interdisciplinary research applications, this system aims to construct an integrated GIS-based application infrastructure within the spatial extent of China, in the timeframe of Chinese history, and with the contents of Chinese civilization. Although target users are primarily scholars, academic experts, and school teachers, it is also our goal to provide general spatial- and temporal-based applications This, we hope, will establish a feedback mechanism of continuously collecting research and application results to fertilize the contents of this system and elaborate the value of information integration

This system consists of three major components: basic geospatial materials, WebGIS integrated application environment, and thematic information. The fundamental base maps are based on Dr. Tan's "The Historical Atlas of China". "The Historical Atlas of China" provides users with Chinese historical features, covering Chinese history over the past 2000 years, from the ancient time to Qing dynasty. Furthermore, various historical atlas and remote sensing imagery are persistently geo-referenced and overlaid into the system to broaden the spatial and temporal scope.

  System features

  1. A WebGIS-based distributed application infrastructure is constructed to provide both content navigation and Web mapping.
  2. Lower the cost for doing things in GIS way, and with shorter learning curve.
  3. Capable of integrating any geospatial and attribute information in the Internet.
  4. Users could upload their results and contribute to the system, or just save to their local clients alternatively.
  5. Having scalability, integration and security consideration into the design.
  6. The systems of Scripta Sinica (漢籍電子文獻系統) has been integrated with CCTS. A virtual Sinological research environment could be fulfilled by continuous integration of all kinds of public information system and research outcome.

  System Architecture

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